The high street squares up to spring with retro prints // print article

The high street is going gaga for gingham this year. Find out how to wear the retro print with new season style…

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10 health benefits that come from eating miso // promo post


We all know how versatile a jar of miso paste can be.  It can instantly transform a multitude of everyday dishes – try adding a spoonful to your next spaghetti bolognaise or add an extra kick to your salad dressing.

Not forgetting how it can be enjoyed in it’s most classic of forms, a quick and easy, tasty miso soup.  A complex flavour, this fermented food is quite simply a kitchen cupboard essential.  But did you know that miso also has a wealth of health benefits?

Nutritionist Cassandra Barnes has listed just some of the many health benefits that miso offers…

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Belgo and Bloom: My first ever 5* review // print article

Bloom Kitchen and Bar Kings Cross

Many of you will be familiar with Belgo, the Belgian inspired restaurant chain specialising in moules, frites and bieres (mussels, chips and beers). First launched in Chalk Farm, north London, in 1992, with Kings Cross being the newest addition.

At this location it has come together in a dual venture with adjoining venue Bloom Kitchen and Bar, which is so new you may struggle to find it online.

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5 ways to blog with a full-time job // blog post


I’ve been blogging for almost two years and I don’t feel like I have ever given it, or my social media, the time it deserves.

In those two years I have trained to be a journalist, interned for six months and then spent the last year in full-time employment as a feature writer as well as freelancing.

I hope you can understand how, with such a busy workload, I have struggled to get my blog and social media following off the ground.

(NOTE that I said understand why I have struggled, not why I have failed.)

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