Why you need to drink more water in winter and how

Everybody knows it’s important to drink more water throughout the summer months, when we’re likely to sweat more and become dehydrated, but not many realise how important it is throughout the winter.

drink more water

When temperatures drop the air becomes dryer, so our bodies absorb less water through other means. As well as this, water intake is likely to drop throughout the season simply because many people think it is less important than in summer.

However, it is worth noting that feeling thirsty is a pretty late indicator of dehydration. Throughout the winter months you are far more likely to experience dry lips, dry skin, and even symptoms which may trick you into thinking you are unwell, like a dry cough or mild headache.

The cold makes many crave warmth and so turn to tea and coffee, which can dehydrate you due to the fact caffeine is a diuretic.  As well as all this, drinking more water can help suppress your appetite which often increases during the winter.

Whatever the weather, all through the year I have been known to drink far too much coffee during the day and wine at night – never water.

All that changed when I got my hands on a 2.2 litre container from The Big Bottle Co and I finally began to drink more water.

The NHS recommends drinking 1.2 litres per day, or six to eight glasses. So when I got my hands on the massive bright pink bottle, I set a target to drink one a day.

drink more water

At first I struggled, combining water with two or three coffees (down from five) was no easy feat. However, I noticed that on the days I drank more water I craved less coffee.

I decided it was time to push myself.

I allowed myself one coffee each day, and every time I craved a caffeine kick I chugged water instead. Had somebody told me this would actually work to overcome my deep-set addiction I would never have believed them, but it did.

Over the last couple of months I have upped my goal each day. I now drink between three and four litres of water every day and the effect on my skin and my mood has been astonishing.

I have a lot more energy, even upon waking, which led me to guess I had been waking up dehydrated in the past, perhaps from a cheeky bedtime wine?

Some days I don’t have a coffee at all, which is something I could only have dreamed off a-year-ago.

I have to admit at first I was making more frequent trips to the toilet, but slowly my body began to adjust and the reduction of caffeine most likely helped.

My skin has certainly improved and the wrinkles I was beginning to notice setting in have become ever so slightly less concerning.

Most of us probably know we need to drink more water, but without a brightly coloured big bottle going with you everywhere you go as a reminder it can be very hard to do.

I would definitely recommend investing in a good, durable and very big bottle before setting yourself daily targets. You can even get apps to remind you!



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