Aesthetics at home: 5 beauty gadgets for less than £200

With salon-worthy technology now available and affordable, beauty gadgets to use at home have revolutionised our skincare regimes and anti-ageing endeavours. Advanced aesthetics are now available on a daily basis from your bedroom — but do the high-tech claims really live up expectations?


From micro-needling to freezing my face, and even non-invasive lip plumping, I have tried and tested five different beauty gadgets for under £200 to bring you honest reviews. (While you’re here, check out my top five salon beauty treatments)

CRYOpress Ice Facial Massager, £75

Cooling your skin to temperatures between -8C and 2.5C triggers increased blood circulation in an attempt to warm the skin. This brings more oxygen and nutrients to the cells and increases lymphatic drainage (which, in layman’s terms, reduces puffiness). It promises tightened skin, smaller pores, both brighter and clearer skin, and even claims to improve scar recovery and skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. It worked well, I saw an instant and dramatic change to my complexion. However it turns out this isn’t technological at all — you just have to put it in your freezer.

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BeautyBio GloPRO Microneedling Tool, £199

Microneedling has been a popular beauty treatment for some years now. By gliding a number of tiny needles over the skin, causing tiny punctures, it both exfoliates and triggers skin cells to produce new structural proteins, such as collagen and elastin, while increasing blood flow. After cleaning my face, I rolled it all over in different directions and afterwards my skin was red and flushed. It’s advised to apply beauty products immediately afterwards for more effective absorption of key ingredients so that’s exactly what I did. About an hour later my skin looked smoother and nicely plump.

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PMD Kiss, £89

This gadget uses ‘pulsating vacuum technology’ to plump lips in minutes, promising effects that last hours — with daily use giving long lasting results. The amplified blood flow is meant to increase collagen production and it comes with a serum containing moisturising and anti-ageing ingredients. There’s been many a dangerous social media craze for at-home lip plumping. Most recently, young people were reported to be super glueing their top lip up. This gadget simply uses suction, which may seem a bit low tech and gimmicky, but it turns out it really does the trick and it is very gentle. I was impressed.

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BeGlow TIA, £199

This multi-use device promises three benefits: cleansing with a waterproof silicone brush head, contouring with high and low frequency pulses that increase muscle strength, giving way to a lifted effect, and overall skin improvement through the pulsating titanium applicator, which improves circulation. While the brush makes a worthy add-on to aid with cleansing, the pulsating feature made my skin feel considerably reinvigorated. After a long day staring at a screen it brings relief to your facial muscles. With continued use, I look forward to seeing the long-term lifted effects it promises — I’ll be keeping a close eye on my frown line.


HoMedics Illumi Hot Cold Beauty Treatment, £79.99

This device can heat to 42C to help products reach deeper into the skin, or you can cool to 16C with or without products to help refresh and soothe your skin, decreasing puffiness. The cold setting is great for puffy eyes and feels lovely first thing in the morning or to bring relief to tired facial muscles. The heated plate, however, I was less sure of. Heating your skin and then moving onto make-up application wasn’t very enjoyable. For evenings, it isn’t so bad but takes some getting used to.  I found I needed to use more product than usual to allow it to glide over my skin, but that might be good for me.

HoMedics Illumi 2

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