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Everything you need to know about autumn/winter fashion trends in 2019

September 23 marked the start of autumn in the UK and with the change in temperature comes new autumn winter fashion 2019 trends.

It is time to start thinking about investing in this year’s winter coat and a good pair of boots, as well as the colours, shapes and styles to being incorporating into your wardrobe.

My advice to you is to take note of the following seven trends that are going to be huge and then hit the charity shops before splashing out on the high street at contributing to fast fashion. I like to take a day on a particular bus route and stop off at all the charity shops along the way digging out the best buys.

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Coats – top three autumn/winter fashion trends 2019

One of the biggest investment pieces made every autumn is a winter coat, and this year three trends are proving the most popular:

Capes are back because they’re fancy, and fancy is in (see four) — floor-length coats are also in so the longer the cape the better. If it isn’t a cape, still go long, but wear it with a belted waist to hit another top trend note (see seven).

Bright, jewel colours are a big colour trend and while some fashion houses are saying coats and shoes only, others are saying head-to-toe brights – either way, coloured coats are a win. See below for the other colours you should be wearing.

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The colour palette

It will be followed by yellow and pink, but not the bright sunshine shades we have seen over the summer – autumn winter fashion trends will see a move to a buttery yellow and softer pinks.

In general, bright colours are in which I think makes a fabulous change to the usual autumn/winter colour palette! Brights are trending in one of two ways: 1. Coats and shoes only for a pop of colour, or 2. head to toe in the same colour. The latter is how you should be wearing the next big colour of the season…

The last is a colour palette of its own: terracotta. Browns, beiges and nude shades are back again and with them comes tortoiseshell. (I’ve heard whispers of grey too, but I’m not into that so pretend I didn’t say anything. Or maybe go for some silver as this will be coming in next summer).


Prints – top autumn/winter fashion trends

Florals are in – big rosy prints in dark, deep colours. So far, I’ve only really seen these on midi dresses (as discussed above). Another print trend is tartan and check. They can be worn in tailored suits for a bougie, county chic way or in more of a school style with skirts.

Finally — no drumroll necessary — animal prints of all kinds aren’t going anywhere. If you want to be slightly different, or are bored of wearing leopard print, then go for brown cow prints or black and white giraffe.


Bougie is back

Suits, tailoring, pussy-bow blouses, pleated skirts and oversized blazers all sit under this trend. It will incorporate other things too, like checks (as mentioned above), leather and knee-high boots (more on those below).

A simple way to nail this look with just one item is with a midi dress, but it needs a high neck (maybe a pussy-bow) and long sleeves with cuffs. This is the dress of the season and a good way to get floral prints into your wardrobe too – wear with boots.


Hell for leather

Talking of animals… leather is back, but don’t you dare buy real leather because this is animal cruelty and bad for the environment. Read this.

Part of the reason this is even on trend is the rise of vegan and environmentalism has caused a surge in popularity of Dr Martens. It is definitely worth investing in a pair, or a similarly chunky motorcycle boot.

It doesn’t stop there though; leather will be all over (literally). Skirts should be long and pleated, coats should be belted, dresses are best tailored and shorts, the standout piece of this trend, will be long and tailored like the shapes we’ve seen over the summer.



Shoulders are going to be a key autumn/winter trend in 2019. They will remain puffy, or then can be big and structured, or they will one one-shouldered, with strong asymmetric tailoring.

In keeping with the interest in tailoring, waists for many looks should be cinched. Remember this for your long coats, tartan suits, leather skirts and even cardigans!

On the opposite end of the spectrum, big (aka shapeless) tulle and tiered ruffles aren’t going anywhere (I <3 Villainelle). Throw in some ruffled feathers (fake please) to hit another trend, and then pair with platform shoes for the perfect trifecta. For a rule of thumb, if it gives you 80s vibes then you’re on the right shaped-track.

Trousers with splits were forecast for the summer, but didn’t really land, so look out for that this winter as it is staying on trend and getting stronger. I explained it here.



Much like the shape above, bags can be one of two extremes: very little or very big. If little, go for faux fur and feathers. The same goes for hats, furry and feathery and generally big statements looks. Both bags and boots will be croc-heavy, at knee length or just above.

In terms of features, expect to see the return of platforms and more of the wild, wild west, cow girl features are also trending for both boots and fringing.

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