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3 ways to make a bathroom look bigger [ad]

There is nothing like staying in a chic or trendy hotel to give you some #interiorinspo for your dream home – and how to make bathrooms look bigger is a big part of this.

make bathrooms look bigger

One thing they all have in common is the need to fit a bathroom into every room and, of course, fancy hotels have a way of doing this and making the space feel huge.

To help you achieve the same thing in your home, I’ve partnered with Bathing Solutions to help you make your bathroom look bigger. Here are my three ideas to add to theirs…

interior design ideas for small bathroom

1. Choose a light coloured floor

I know the thought of a floor made up of Portuguese or Moroccan tiles is hugely appealing, but the busy pattern will shrink the room. Choose one, light colour for the entire floor and the floor will appear to open up.

TOP TIP: If you can’t afford to replace the floor, get a large pale rug that will double up as a floor mat – just make sure it is easy to wash.

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2. Get rid of anything that sticks out

This means no shelves, I am afraid. Anything that grabs your eyes will make the room appear smaller. This also means no clutter – keep it as minimal as possible

TOP TIP: Invest in beautiful pump bottles that you can decant your shampoo and conditioner into and have a matching container for toothbrushes. This will add simplicity to the room while also making it look extra chic.

how to make a bathroom seem bigger

3. Ditch any obstructions

If you have frosted shower doors, ditch them. Clear glass will prevent your shower from sectioning off part the room.

TOP TIP: The same goes for wall tiling. Shower tiles often stop away from the ceiling and some bathroom designs split the wall with tiles along the bottom half. These only cut up the room – keep it seamless.


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