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Best silk pillowcase for skin and hair? Calidad Home reviewed [gift]

Last month I made the very grown-up decision of getting myself a pure silk pillowcase for my skin and hair, in an effort to slow down the emergence of fine lines that have been bothering me for a while now.

pure silk pillowcase review

As my skin began to age, I first fretted over my frown line. Now that I am nearing 30 my laugh/smile lines are quickly catching up on the scale of concern because they aren’t coming from continual joy or laughter, but from my face being squished onto a pillow overnight as I sleep. And one side is worse than the other because I sleep on it more than the other).

I ordered 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcase from Calidad Home in charcoal grey and took it for a test run.

Benefits of a real silk pillowcase

  • Will a silk pillowcase prevent wrinkles?

Cotton or polyester pillowcases create friction and pull against your skin, which can lead to wrinkles you wouldn’t have otherwise developed (much like my laugh lines). They won’t, however, stop you from getting wrinkles altogether.

  • Do silk pillowcases keep skin hydrated?

Yes, and your hair too! Cotton is porous, so it will absorb moisture from your skin and hair, whereas silk leaves it where it belongs.

  • Does a silk pillowcase improve hair health?

Yes again. As pure silk is smooth and doesn’t cause friction, they are less likely to lead to static, knotting and general bedhead which can contribute to breakages and split ends.

  • Can a silk pillowcase help with rosacea?

Lots of people say so, yes. It is less abrasive and irritable on your skin, so should help to reduce redness rather than add to it. The same can be said for other sensitive skin conditions.

The verdict: My real silk pillowcase from Calidad Home

The first night I tried it I had just done a five-step home facial, which included a moisture mask and further overnight moisturiser, so I was keen to see how this fared overnight. I woke at one point in the night and went to turn onto my other side, but thankfully sleepy me remembered to check my face.

The side I had been sleeping on was less dewy — the products weren’t continuing to sit on my skin like the side that had been facing up — but it still felt hydrated. The following morning, I look in the mirror and didn’t see the deep laugh lines that I often wake up with and, for me, that is all that matters. That was what I had wanted, and it worked.

I don’t think my other half is going to be happy that I didn’t buy him one…

Buy yours here.

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benefits of a real silk pillowcase for skin and hair

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