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Black Lives Matter: A letter on education to send to your MP

Protests and social media blackouts have been taking place all over the world in reaction to the death of George Floyd, and as a result of the ongoing injustices faced by black people in America and here in the UK.

Protests die down and hashtags fade, therefore pressure on governments must remain strong to create real, long term change. And change starts with education.

I have written a letter to my MP, calling for the UK curriculum to be updated. To include the history of all BAME people, as well as the study of achievements and contributions made to society.

I am sharing the letter for anybody to use. Simply add your MP name and sign your own. You can download the document here.

If you are a parent with a child in education anywhere in the world, I urge you to speak to your school. Ask them what changes they intend to make to ensure equality throughout the education process.

Want to know other ways you can help the Black Lives Matter movement? Click here for various free resources.


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