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How to help BLM without leaving your house or spending any money

If you cannot afford to donate to help the Black Lives Matter movement, and you either cannot or do not want to attend protests during a pandemic, that is ok. There are still things you can do.

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Write to your MP about Black Lives Matter and education

I have written a letter than anybody can download and send to their MP, calling for changes to education. The letters calls for the inclusion of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) histories, achievements and contributions made to society. Find it here and find your local MP’s contact details here.

You can also email your MP to ask them to support further investigation into the of death Belly Mujinga. She was a woman of colour who died after being spat on by someone with Covid-19 while working. You can find the template here.

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how to help black lives matter movement

Sign petitions regarding injustice and Black Lives Matter

A lot of us signed a lot of petitions recently, but unfortunately it has come to light that the UK Government is refusing to accept and debate petitions that are signed via change.org. Only petitions from the official government website, petition.parliament.uk, will be accepted.

In May, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Leader of the House of Commons, rejected a petition that had 270k signatures because it was from change.org — so make sure you’re signing petitions where they will actually be counted!

You can call for the government to teach Britain’s colonial past as part of the UK’s compulsory curriculum here. And you can demand they improve maternal mortality rates and healthcare for black women here.

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Education yourself on racism and cultural differences

If you wish to learn more about racism, BAME experiences in the UK/USA, and white privilege, there is a list of books here. For those looking for children’s books to help teach the future generation, or open up conversations on race, culture, and ethnicity, click here. I earn up to 12% if you buy through the links in my blog posts and as a result, will donate this.

Donate to BLM money for free

Below are five YouTube videos that will make money through advert revenue each time it is watched. These YT creators will be donating all earnings to the Black Lives Matter movement and bail funds across America, therefore helping those who have been arrested while protesting. Many of them provide links to blogs or social media where they are publicly tracking the earnings.

Comment any more you’ve seen and I will add them to the blog post xx

Click here for a list of places to donate to and petitions worth signing.


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