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The laser facial that made me look five years younger

I tried a BYONIK laser facial beauty treatment that works in synergy with your heartbeat and I walked out of the clinic looking five years younger.

BYONIK laser

I have tried many different facial treatments in my time as a blogger, but this definitely had the most immediate and dramatic effect.

How does the BYONIK laser facial work?

BYONIK laser facial treatments are a skin rejuvenation system with a laser that is triggered by your pulse and, combined with the repeated application of hyaluronic acid, the results were absolutely phenomenal.

The laser stimulates cell functions which are essential to a youthful appearance, but that minimise with age.

Hyaluronic acid – one of my favourite beauty ingredients – is powerful stuff. It retains more than 1,000 times its weight in water within the cells of skin, making it not only an excellent moisturiser, but an absolutely phenomenal, natural product for plumping and revitalising skin.

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BYONIK laser facial review

The BYONIK laser facial treatment is now available at the Skin to Love Clinic in St Albans, where I was treated by the managing director Jane Lewis, a former medical nurse.

Jane’s straight-talking advice has made her a sought-after expert appearing on television programmes such as Ten Years Younger and Embarrassing Illnesses, as well as writing articles for well-respected publications such as the Aesthetics Journal.

In her research she has found that BYONIK laser facial treatments are the most effective way to treat older skin without any evidence of ‘work being done’. So you can imagine how dramatic the results were on someone like me, aged 28, with quite good skin (minus a burrowing frown line).

BYONIK laser facial

BYONIK laser facial before and after

The treatment began with a cleanse followed by a mini peel that caused no damage to the skin and no discomfort either that a mild tingle.

She then switched between an oximeter on my finger so that the BYONIK laser could sync with my pulse and moved the lasers around my face.

With every beat of the heart, it releases its energy into the skin. This allows the antioxidants in the hyaluronic acid gel to enter the cells of the skin directly.

It lasted for around an hour and thankfully the mild heat of the laser, combined with the darkness caused by the glasses protecting my eyes, resulted in a thoroughly relaxing experience.

The only thing lacking was some ambient music, particularly necessary to block out the sounds of the high street outside.

byonik laser facial before and after

Is a BYONIK laser facial worth it?

Prior to the treatment photos had been taken of my face which enabled Jane to show me various things such as pores, texture, sun damage and wrinkles. Following the treatment more photos were taken and we sat down to compare thm.

Honestly, it was like I had had a face lift.

My skin was smooth, plump and luminous. My entire face had lifted dramatically (I knew my skin had sagged but I didn’t realise quite how much) and what was quite extraordinary was how symmetrical it now was.

Prior to the Byonik laser treatment, parts of my face were noticeably uneven. Selfies drew my attention to things like one eyelid being heavier than the other or one half of my lips drooping a little more (both on the right, probably because it is the side I sleep on at night).

My facial features now sat in perfect symmetry and my face sat much higher than it had before. It looked like I had lost weight as my jaw was chiselled and my cheeks slimmed.

I could go on and on, explaining the phenomenal effects in various ways, but I think you get the picture. I looked about five years younger.

For both maintenance of young skin or to turn back time on older skin, I can promise that this treatment will blow you away.

byonik laser facial review


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