Five benefits of a high fibre diet

High fibre diets are good for you in many ways, but do you know what they are?


Find out five reasons why high fibre diets are good for your body, skin and energy levels…

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Eat away period pain – the healthy way

Whether pre-menstrual or presently-menstrual, we’re all prone to trying to eat away our period pain. Little do most women know,  this is scientifically doable (unfortunately not with chocolate).

period pain

Photo by Matthew Henry

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My 10 year battle for an endometriosis diagnosis

I have been suffering with symptoms for almost a decade, but I have never been given an official endometriosis diagnosis.

Alongside my fertility fears, I torture myself with the question: what if it isn’t endometriosis? Worse, what if it isn’t anything at all?

endometriosis diagnosis

Without a diagnosis it so easy to doubt your sanity. In my piece for Stylist Magazine I ask the question: when will doctors finally take women’s health seriously?

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Vinyasa yoga in London from within a hidden Masonic Temple

‘London’s best kept secret’ is a phrase regularly thrown around to describe trendy food spots, hipster bars or hidden landmarks and greenery.

vinyasa yoga london

It is a cliché I have determinedly sought to avoid in my writing, but how else to describe a hidden Masonic Temple in Liverpool Street? What better place to do Vinyasa yoga in London?

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It’s time to put your mind first and improve mental health – here’s how

Despite 70 per cent of the UK saying they believe mental and physical wellbeing are as important as one another, people in the UK are not trying to improve mental health as much as they are their physical fitness.

improve mental health

It has been revealed that people choose to spend more than twice as much time and money on activities for their physical health compared to those that improve mental health.

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