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How to celebrate Christmas with those you don’t often see [ad]

Ah, Christmas. Once the chaos of present buying is out of the way, it can be a golden opportunity for spending time with loved ones.

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In particular, the festive period is often a great time to catch up with old friends. Is there someone you’re planning to meet who you haven’t seen in a while? Unsure of what to do together? Look no further…

Arrange a lengthy catch-up

Ever met up with a long-distance friend for a coffee and felt like it wasn’t long enough for a proper catch-up? That’s probably because it was. After all, how can you fully fill someone in on all that’s been happening in your life within the space of just an hour or two? If you want to make the most of your time with someone you’re close to, it’s essential to plan a lengthy meet-up. If it seems like ages since you last saw them, why not invite your friend round for the day? Or if they’re staying in your hometown for a while (say, a week), you could host them for a few hours across the space of two to three days.

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Do something unique to the pair of you

Do you and your long-distance buddy have a shared hobby? Is it something that you’ve done together in the past? Perhaps you and a childhood friend used to go to the same class? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, why not revisit it this Christmas? If you both enjoy swimming, for example, you could head to your local swimming baths this festive holiday. Or if each of you used to horse ride, how about taking in the seasonal sights on a pony trek? Avid bakers may want to use the holiday to do some baking together this Christmas?

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Go through old photos together

Is there anything more nostalgic than going through old photos with friends or family? If you’re after a truly special activity for you and a close friend this Christmas, why not gift them a photo album? Fill it with precious photographs and tickets from excursions you’ve shared, and you’ll create the perfect present! Invite them over one day during the festive period, and you’ll both be able to spend a few hours looking through it together. Just imagine the two of you sat reminiscing over fun experiences with a box of tasty chocolates, in front of the fire!

For most of us, Christmas gives us time to unwind and rejuvenate before the new year. So, why don’t you use this opportunity to boost your relationship with a long-distance friend?


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