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How to create the ultimate chill night in [ad]

When you’ve been working tirelessly for days on end, it’s only fair that you treat yourself to a break. And there are few things more relaxing than a night in.

It’s an opportunity to catch up on some valuable ‘me-time’, as well as being a chance to invite a few select friends over for a catch-up.

Since the venue is going to be your home, you’ll have the freedom to choose precisely the activities that suit the occasion. So, what goes into a great night in?

What film should you watch?

A film is just the thing to veg out in front of. Since it’s your night, you’ll get the casting vote, but you’ll want to pick something that everyone’s going to appreciate. Bear in mind that you’ll probably be chatting throughout much of the run-time, so pick something that’s either so enthralling that you can’t help but pay attention, or so action-heavy that you can follow along without listening to too much dialogue.

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The best board games

If you’re going to have fun with friends, then a selection of board games is probably the ideal means of doing so. Nowadays, there’s a tremendous selection to choose from. If you’re all serious gamers, then you can pick something a bit tricky and obscure. For most of us, a round of Trivial Pursuit* is a fairly safe bet (it led to a great work-lunch in the pub recently); you’ll find specialist packs of question cards available, from subjects as varied as Friends and Harry Potter.

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Cosy furniture

If you’re having a night in during autumn and wintertime, it’s vital that you keep yourself suitably snug. This means wrapping up in something soft and warm, dimming the lights, and cranking the heating. Get a selection of blankets and drape them over the sofa area – that way you can settle underneath when you want to get cosy. Pouffes, beanbags and floor cushions will provide flexible extra seating that’s suitably comfy, too. You’ll find them all over at Cox & Cox (mail order)*.

Food and drink selection

No night in would be complete without the right food and drink. After all, being hungry isn’t much fun. Of course, food and drink should be part of the entertainment, too; if you’ve been restrained all week, then there’s no reason not to order a takeaway – or several of them to share with your friends. Naturally, you’ll also want to throw alcohol into the mixture. You might pick out a selection of wines ahead of time, or, if you really want to make an occasion of it, you might mix up a vat of punch*.

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