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Cut, keep growing or add extensions? Existential hair questions [gifts]

Short bob hairstyles have been a last-minute takeover trend of 2019, likely to continue into 2020 — and they’re really messing up my plan to grow my hair.

To help me decide whether to go for the chop or keep growing I thought I’d try out some clip-in extensions* to see if long hair would look as good as I pictured it to in my head. (SPOILER: It does).

I got the ‘pure diamonds honey blonde’ clip-ins from Rubin Extensions. I struggled a little at first, but they have loads of instructional videos on their website to help.

The clip-in extensions sit on your head almost invisibly, not leaving any obvious lumps and bumps to give the game away.

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My biggest problem was that my hair has quite a blunt cut, so doesn’t blend into the extensions very well. This was resolved by curling my hair and the extensions a little — splitting up the ends in this way made it much harder to see where my hair ends and the extensions begin. The ‘honey blonde’ colour is a little lighter than my hair, so it gave me a lovely ombre/balayage look (and inspired me to dye my own locks even lighter).

While I don’t think they’ll become part of my regular beauty routine, as I imagine they are for some, I am excited to use the clip-in extensions for special occasions such as New Year’s Eve. Also, as a blogger who does regular photoshoots, they’re a great addition to my wardrobe to help me switch things up.

They’re also sparked further curiosity and I am really keen to purchase the clip-in bangs/fringe and be able to play around with my look even more. I’d love to have a fringe, but because I often exercise during my lunch break and don’t have access to hair products (and because I live in rainy Britain), I can’t invest in the effort they take to maintain so a clip-in set would definitely scratch this itch.

*Gifted item.


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