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Fashion trends: Everything you need to know about summer style

When I got back from travelling Asia earlier this month, I felt like I had no idea what the summer fashion trends 2019 were; so I did some good old fashioned research.

After reading lots of fashion magazines, blogs and keeping a close eye on my favourite Influencers, I have put together a pretty definitive list on every single fashion trend worth knowing about for summer 2019.

fashion trends 2019

Mixed prints

This trend has already kicked off. I’m seeing a lot of skirts and dress that mix two (or more) floral patterns into the design, or floral and polka dot. This works best on a mid-to-maxi length dress, sleeves are preferable to give it a 70s vibe.

(Scarf print is also in this summer, but this is not a print I would mix.)

PAIR IT WITH heeled boots or sandals. Or make it yourself by pairing a floral scarf with a different pattern of clothing, shown in the picture below.

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Sheer shirts

Sheer shirts with peekaboo panels or huge sleeves is, imo, one of the chicest trends happening right now. I absolutely love it. You don’t have to have a lot of skin on show underneath because this isn’t about your torso, it is about your arms – the bigger the sleeve the better.

PAIR IT WITH the same colour, preferably white for a wonderful monochrome look, but it works with pastels too.

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nasty gal


Again, this trend has already begun creeping in so I’ll be quick: Go for a sorbet selection of soft yellows, pinks, lilacs, blue… you get the picture. Pistachio green is set to be the biggest colour in this palette, with lilac a close second.

PAIR IT WITH white or pastel trainers. You can throw some cream or off-white clothing into the mix if you feel like too much of a lollypop.



For fashion trends 2019 I reckon neon is going to be a slow burner. When an unusual or garish trend emerges it can take a while for most people to get on board. If you’re wary simple go for neon accessories. If you’re confident, go all out.

It seems like anything goes with this fashion trend. You can have a neon print and soft feminine shapes, or go sporty or ‘utility’ (I’ll explain that next).

PAIR IT WITH white. White is a strong contender this year as well, so working it with neon is a good way of ticking two things off your list.

asos neon


I’m particularly sad about this trend because I had a gorgeous satin khaki utility playsuit that I sold on eBay last year. A lesson to remember to hold onto good items of clothing, treat them as investments because time (and fashion) moves and returns quickly!

You can go all out on boiler suits and heavy boots, or you can go for soft fabrics and high heels. Cargo pants and all-in-ones are the biggest statement pieces for this trend and beige colours are more on point than khaki shades. Whichever way you choose to wear it…

PAIR IT WITH a sturdy D ring belt. They’re all the rage so can be worn with most things throughout 2019. Talking of which…

stories 4

Statements belts

The fashion blogger world’s recent obsession with Gucci belts is a sign of things to come. Personally I’m sick of seeing the same Gucci belt, but it is a big investment so they won’t be fading from our social media any time soon – it will be a big fashion trend in 2019 for sure. I would rather go for Chanel or a vintage label with a garish buckle.

What you PAIR IT WITH depends on the belt. Chain belts can drape across dresses or on the top of flowing skirts. Leather belts with buckles are always for jeans and trousers.

chanel belts

Sarong or ruched skirts

Now, I’m not just saying this because I’ve spent four months with a sarong wrapped round my hips due to the fact it is the comfiest thing ever… It is actually in fashion, Kim K has already started channelling it into her daily wardrobe. Skirts that tie or gather at the front aren’t the most flattering imo, but side ones are!

PAIR IT WITH a similarly flowy top, soft baggy shirt, or a barely there top if you dare. Shoes should definitely be strappy – you could even go for a neon strappy heel if the skirt is black or white.

asos skirts


A slightly unexpected trend that has taken over from flares, are trousers that split open at the front to reveal your shoes. The colour doesn’t matter too much, but they should be quite fitted all the way down to the split. I think this fashion trend will really kick off in the autumn, but you will start seeing it this summer.

PAIR IT WITH a nice shoe, obviously. Go for a covered shoe or low top boot. Flat, formal shows are on trend so that’s the perfect choice for me.

topshop trousers

Rainbow suits

It doesn’t matter what colour it is, but make sure it has colour. No black or brown or navy suits, choose from the rainbow – the brighter the better.

Or you can go for a pastel but this works best with a linen suit, to keep it soft and chic; just make sure you’re not washed out by it. White is also an option, not from the rainbow I know, but a trend in its own right this summer. Also, this doesn’t have to be a suit with trousers, if you read the next trend you’ll see.

PAIR IT WITH chunky trainers or high heels. Make them white, the same colour or barely there.


Shorts and blazers

This sounds vague, I know, but that is because you have two options. You can stick with cycling shorts that we’ve been seeing for a while now and pair it with a blazer, or you can go for long and loose shorts. Either way, matching colours will work best (but they don’t have to be bright like those rainbow suits we talked about).

What you PAIR IT WITH depends on which you choose. Cycling shorts will be chunky trainers or high heels, whereas loose shorts need to be kept smart.

and other stories shorts

Tie-dye or patchwork

This is applicable to any item of clothing, from a jumpsuit to a coat. Patchwork looks great on jeans, jumpsuits and anything with a good fit. Both options are a strong festival look, that you can still wear at home and not look silly – so that’s an added bonus.

PAIR IT WITH Birkenstocks or similarly strappy sandals for the complete look.

new look tie dye

Puff shoulders

Big features such as a puffy shoulder will work this season when the rest of the clothing is tight. It can be a top or a dress, but make sure it is fitted across your body to give the contrast.

If it is a top then PAIR IT WITH jeans. I’m loving a simple white top and blue jeans for this look. If it is a dress then it depends on the length, short will work with trainers, midi will work with cowboy boots and long will work with strappy shoes.


Animal prints

This fashion trend hasn’t gone anywhere. We all became far too obsessed far too fast for a quick exit! Throughout the summer, however, traditional leopard print isn’t really the one. Go for colour prints or other animals like black and white cow or tiger.

PAIR IT WITH anything and everything. This is a massive staple so pretty much anything goes.


The shoes

Square toes: I can’t see myself wearing this with boots, but a square-toed strappy high heel is definitely a winner. Another thing I can’t see myself wearing is cowboy boots, but they are definitely on trend and we’re going to see a lot of people wearing them. PAIR IT WITH jeans and flowy skirts for a cowgirl look.

Obviously because it is summer we’re going to see sandals everywhere and chunky trainers are going to be sticking around, but otherwise when you’re looking at flat shoes then go for something covered and very formal.

zara shoes


Trimmings are everywhere. I’m not going to list these one by one, but clothing with ruffles, massive bows, fringing, tassels, etc. will bring a piece up-to-date for fashion trends of 2019.

As we all know already, hair clips pushing back one side or massive hair bands pushing your whole barnet away from your face are HUGE trends. In terms of style, cut and colour, here are the biggest hair trends for 2019.

Rumour has it big sunglasses are in and little ones are out. Oval shapes are a staple, but the fashion forward among us will be going for goggles or big see-through squares.

Bags have shrunk this summer. The will often come with a ring instead of a strap or the handle will be built it. If you have to hold it in your hand, and can’t throw it over your shoulder, it is probably on trend. (Also, Bali bags are out and bamboo is in).

Summer hats should either be inspired by All Saints (that means bucket hats, and if you don’t know who All Saints are then go on a YouTube binge right now please), or should be absolutely ginormous straw hats. I’m talking full body shading. Perfect for pasties like me!


So, did I miss any fashion trends 2019…?

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