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Hair oils you didn’t know you needed and how to use them

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Don’t waste your money on fancy products, find out the ingredients and purchase the original thing. That way you know exactly what is going on your hair – some products use added ingredients which actually build up and slow hair growth – read on to find out what the basics are and what they do.

The first thing to do is choose a carrier oil. This is your base staple and can be used alone, however essential oils can be incorporated as well for a variety of other benefits.

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the best oil for hair - growth, loss, dry

Best oils for hair

Black castor oil is probably the most popular for growth. It can be applied to the scalp while another can be applied to the rest of the hair.

Sweet almond oil contains vitamins and Omega fatty acids that will prevent breakage while sealing in moisture and shine.

Coconut oil has lipids and fatty acids that condition the scalp – very important during the summer months – while improving strength and shine.

Olive oil, this classic household staple contains squalane which protect skin and hair from harmful UV rays.

Argan oil hails from Morocco and is rich with antioxidants. It keeps your hair soft and shiny and can help treat split ends.

Avocado oil is a little different from those above as it is the monounsaturated fats that moisturise, nourish and strengthen hair.

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best essential oils for hair

Best essential oils for hair

Lavender oil is the big surprise here, it absorbs quickly and is known to reinvigorate dry and limp hair.

Rosemary oil is known to stimulate blood flow, therefore massaging it into your scalp will help encourage growth while improving the root follicle health, preventing hair loss.

Grapeseed oil is even better known for stimulating hair growth and it is full to the brim with Omega 6 essential fatty acid It also helps to balance oily hair so if you think this treatment isn’t for you you’re wrong. You just need to be using grapefruit oil with your base oil.

Rose oil is used to strengthen hair roots and prevent hair loss, while smelling the nicest (in my humble opinion).

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how to apply hair oil

How to use hair oils

Step one: There is a debate about whether or not your hair should be clean. I usually do it prior to washing my hair, but many argue that when your hair is stripped bare it will absorb the oils better. So you’ll have to make up your mind for yourself.

Step two: Mix your base oil with your essential oil and make sure you’re not wearing a nice top because it could be stained by the oil. You will need a couple of drops of essential oil for every teaspoon of base oil. You can add a little more essential oil for your scalp area as this is where it works best.

Step three: Start with your roots. Massage into your scalp with a circular motion and don’t forget the edges.

Step four: Split up your hair. I like to put it into five or six ponytails and do the sections bit by bit. This will prevent it getting too tangled as well.

Step five: Apply bit by bit but don’t be tempted to pour loads into your hands, however long your hair, it will just go to waste. Take your time, bit by bit, section by section – don’t forget the back.

Step six: Leave it for anywhere between 30-minutes and a full day. I tend to put it on in the evening and sleep with a towel on my pillow, ready to wash off the next day.

Frequency: This is up to you and depends how your hair type, but a general rule is every day is too much as your hair needs the chance to produce its own oils.

Quick tip: Add a couple of drops of your base oil into your conditioner for extra nourishment.


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