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Hair trends 2019: ‘Go bold or go home’

HOB Salons’ top gurus of cut and colour, Jake Unger and Sean Nolan, gave me the lowdown on the hair trends 2019 is going to be seeing…

hair trends 2019

The cuts:


With 60s fashion vibes making their way on to the catwalks, it’s inevitable we are going to see a re-emergence of the classic pixie crop in hair trends of 2019, similar to the original pixie trailblazers Edie Sedgwick and Mia Farrow. This is great for women wanting to channel that effortless, boho look, but with the convenience and the ease of a short cut.


Continuing with the 60s resurgence, the sharp, above-the-shoulder bob will be leading the trend, bringing strong geometric lines back into haircuts. A blunt fringe is key to this shape, but the length of the fringe can be varied to suit your face shape, as long as the edge remains sharp. To stay true to the look, the bob must be the same length all the way around (as opposed to a graduated bob that is shorter at the back and longer at the front).

Reluctant to lose your long hair? Embrace this trend and update your style by adding a blunt fringe.

hair trends 2019

The styles:


Last year was all about soft and bohemian styles, and as such the centre parting has featured heavily. Going into 2019 we’ll now be seeing more side partings being used to give volume and a little more glamour but still in a relaxed way.

Tip: for most women, a side parting on the right side of the head will create more volume and lift; part on the left side for a more relaxed sweep.


Say goodbye to the beachy, messed-up styles of last year and book yourself into the salon – this year is all about the ‘perfectly done’ finish, as identified by Vogue in their catwalk commentary: “With healthy tips, straight, shiny hair and a flawless (though barely noticeable) blow-out, models seemed to come straight from a TV show with their perfect hair.” Beehives and big hair, beautifully modelled on the runways by Kia Gerber for Maison Valentino, are also back with a bang. Sometimes it’s nice to look like you’ve made an effort…

hair trends 2019

The colours:


Reds are always up for a revival and this time around it’s burnt sienna, ochre and cinnamon tones that are giving the fashion forward vibe; lived-in hues that aren’t supposed to look salon fresh. Blondes could try a pale strawberry tone to brighten up their look. Celeb inspo is provided by the Queens of Red: Jess Glynne, Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain.


For all the blondes this season, we’re talking about “field favourites”. Think of all the golden tones you’d find in a crop field, such as oats, wheat, barley and cotton. These colours will give a softer, warmer, and ultimately more on-trend blonde this season, just like Holly Willoughby, Sienna Miller, Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Molly King.


In hair right now, nearly black is the new black. Not as tricky to pull off as true black, it makes a statement and can produce unparalleled shine without being harsh on the complexion. (Also get ready for nearly navy, nearly olive, and Rum & Raisin – richer and glossier tones that shine when the light hits it). Cheryl shows us how to do Rum & Raisin to perfection with her new dark and glossy do.

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