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Colour consultation: how a stylist helped me design my home

After a year in which most of us have spent more times indoors than ever before, you may well be a little sick and tired of what’s inside your four walls.

A quick and inexpensive way to revitalise a room is to paint it. But with all the colours in the rainbow to choose from it can be tricky to decide what to do — especially if you want a colour that will work with existing furniture or flooring.

Lick, a new online-only retailer specialising in premium quality paints, wallpaper and decorating supplies, offers quick 10-minute consultations with a colour stylist to help you decide and make sure you’re getting the most out of your purchase before committing to anything.

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I got a call from specialist Sam, from Lick, in which we went over all the details of the chosen room. We started with my preferred colour palette and any concerns I had about painting the room.

After already looking through the site and choosing BLUE 07 as my favourite — a dark, inky blue with a touch of green — I explained to Sam that despite a love of deep, dark colours, I like my living space to be bright, so my concern was that a dark colour on the walls would dampen the lighting.

Sam and I discussed colour blocking and new trends in painting interiors such as split walls — where the bottom half is painted a different colour to the top.

After our chat, in which I felt like Sam was completely in tune with what I was saying, despite absolutely no interior design experience with which to communicate it. Not long after the call, Sam sent over a mood board with her suggestions.

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Sam hit the nail on the head and worked everything I said into the perfect solution.  The mood board had a split wall with the dark blue (07) across the bottom and a very delicate pink (01) across the top to balance the room. The delicate shade has undertones of grey that make a room feel calm, while drawing in the light and giving a sense of warmth. She then suggested the white (02) for the ceiling and any woodwork, to further lighten the room.

Having told her that I’m a fan of jewel tone features, but wasn’t sure how to incorporate them, she chose a selection of images for the mood board that had warm yellow or pink furnishings, like sofas, to add depth to the colour palette in keeping with my taste.

When I finally buy a flat (I’m on the hunt as we speak) this will be just the first of five rooms I will need to decorate when I move in, and I will definitely go back to Lick for advice on creating my ideal home.

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