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Jewellery and me are ageing like a fine wine [ad]

You see, I have had a turbulent relationship with jewellery. Growing up I was never being able to afford nice pieces and as I grew into adulthood, I simply didn’t trust myself with them.

I would go on a jewellery frenzy from time-to-time, buying loads of cheap bits which would break one by one until I had nothing left to show for it, eventually buying more and starting the cycle all over again.

My first boyfriend sent me a ring while he was away travelling and, despite not being worth much, the sentimental value was huge.

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Foolishly I would always take it off when I went to the loo, which meant I would repeatedly run back to bathrooms after realising I’d left it behind. Soon I put it on a [cheap] silver chain around my wrist which eventually broke and I lost the ring.

He later bought me a beautiful art deco, black onyx ring for a birthday. Seven years later and I’ve worn it only once as at first I was terrified of losing it and then, after we broke up, it felt strange to. I’ve been meaning to sell it for some time now.

This history left me tentative to spend my adult, hard earned money on jewellery. However, a few weeks ago Pandora gifted me a set of necklace and earrings from their new collection and already my attitude has changed.

There has been several outfits I’ve almost run out the door in before catching myself in the mirror and thinking ‘this would look better with a necklace’. Once the necklace is on I add the earrings as well, because why not.

Suddenly, I look a little more refined and my outfit far more thought out than I thought I could muster.

While I still want to sell that ring, I think I might be grown up enough now to replace it with sonething else.

Something I know won’t break so will not be a waste of money and something that I, at my big age of 28, won’t lose.

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