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What is Jonple? A review of the newest fitness app [ad]

Over the last 12 months, I’ve tried a few different health and fitness apps in a bid to keep fit and stay in shape. My biggest downfall is that I always find myself on a restrictive diet I cannot possibly stick to.

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I love my snacks and that’s exactly why I like Jonple. As well as exercise routines to follow throughout the week, including HIIT and circuits, the daily meal plans include snacks and even sweet treats too — there’s an easy recipe you can try for yourself at the end of this post.

How Jonple works

When using the app for the first time you answer an array of questions about yourself and then complete a fitness test. This allows Jonple to provide you with a nutrition and fitness program that is personal to you and specific to your goals — whether that’s losing weight, toning up or just maintaining good health and fitness levels.

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It will then provide you with weekly workouts — with my goal being weight loss, this included a lot of HIIT and circuit workouts which benefits both cardio fitness and strength building.

I must admit, I was wary that the daily meal plans wouldn’t fill me up and the calorie restriction would be too much for me to stick to, but I needn’t have worried. My daily calorie recommendation was approximately 1,600 — a safe and appropriate restriction for weight loss. And honestly, the meal plans are impressive.

Breakfast options included things as simple as Weetabix and fruit to fun and unusual recipes, like spiced eggy bread and berry compote! Lunch and dinner suggestions were all hearty and filling, while remaining well balance, such as lasagne and chicken and cashew curry, or vegetarian options like vegetable crumble, moussaka, and mushroom and squash strudel.

Jonple meal plans

But like I said, it was the allowance of snacks and sweet treats that won me over. My absolute favourites were coconut and date chocolate truffles and the strawberry and almond oat balls which are also great for breakfast on the go (recipe below!).

Jonple also had a great additional feature called ‘All About U’ — or just ‘U’ for short in the app. This is where Jonple really leans into the connections between our physical and mental health and allows you to learn, grow and record your progress. There is an option to keep a daily journal and record when you feel unmotivated or when things get in the way so you can reflect on how to overcome life’s obstacles. It also has daily training exercises to follow to help improve you sleep, motivation and mood.

Jonple mental health aids

I definitely intend to keep using it. Even on the days when I don’t feel motivated to exercise, I still find myself opening up the meal planner when I’m thinking about what to cook for dinner so it’s always handy to have, wherever you are in your fitness journey.

Sign up and get a two week free trial to see if you like it too!

Healthy snack recipe

Strawberry & Almond Oat Balls

100g rolled oats
80g pitted dates
80g strawberries
50g flaked almonds
50g desiccated coconut
2 tsp honey/agave


1 Combine all ingredients, except the coconut and honey, in a food processor or blender until it forms a paste.

2 Divide the paste into 12 x 30g, then roll each one into a ball and let them rest in the fridge for one hour

3 Coat the balls in the honey or agave, roll in the coconut and enjoy!

(Store in the fridge)

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