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Four keratin treatments for straight or curly hair

‘Keratin treatment’ has become an umbrella term for any hair-smoothing or straightening process that uses the keratin protein (found naturally in hair and nails). While the Brazilian Blowdry is probably the most well-known, it isn’t very good for your hair.

Keratin treatment

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There are other, much better options that won’t damage your hair. There are at-home keratin treatments and there are even keratin treatments for curly hair (those that don’t use formaldehyde will usually be fine). Really the only issue is which of the many treatments to choose.


One of the top-scale options you can get in a salon today is Cezanne keratin treatment. It’s formaldehyde-free which means it’s safer for you. This also means that it won’t make your hair look unnaturally straight— instead, it will be frizz-free and silky (a good option for damaged hair that sticks out).

The treatment itself will take two to four hours and you will have to avoid doing anything with your locks for the rest of the day. Note that those tresses will look unnatural and stick too close to your hair for that first day. But come morning, you’ll be able to wash and style your hair as usual. Its texture would be smoother and no dreaded frizz anywhere in sight.

Liss Ker

Another great formaldehyde-free solution is Liss Ker anti-frizz hair straightening cream by Fanola. The results of this smoothing cream will last for 8-10 weeks and make your hair stronger as well as smoother. The cream contains glyoxylic acid so it smooths out the outside surface of your hair without damaging its structure within. In essence, the cream creates an elastic “sheath” around your hairs, which makes them appear smooth and silky.

This treatment also contains macadamia oil and natural keratin. Both help strengthen and rebuild damaged hair. It is quick and you won’t need to care for it in any special way. In fact, it will allow you to speed up the process of hair styling for the next two months at least.

Keratin treatment
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Lanza Keratin Healing Oil

Lanza Keratin Healing Oil is a hair-smoothing treatment you can use at home, but its effect won’t be as pronounced or long-lasting compared to salon treatments. However, with repeated use over time, your hair will become much smoother and healthier.

The healing power of this oil is what’s most beneficial about it. Use it if your hair is very dry and severely damaged. This will help rebuild its structure and moisturize it thoroughly. The oil also provides some protection from the heat and UV rays. Therefore, it’s a good solution to use in the summer. It should shorten the drying time when styling your hair.

The only downside is that hair oil doesn’t fit everyone. If you have dry hair, this won’t be a problem. But if your scalp is edging toward oiliness, these products might exacerbate the problem.

CHI Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner

Using CHI Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner combo will allow you to care for your hair day-to-day. You won’t really straighten your hair with these products, but you’ll be able to help make it smoother. Most importantly, regular use will help remove the frizz.

These products are designed specifically for damaged hair. Therefore, they are a good choice as a part of your hair restoration program. You can use them after straightening your hair professionally using a keratin salon treatment. In fact, many stylists recommend this particular shampoo and conditioner to use at that time.

This combo of products will help make your hair healthier overall. As a result, it will become more smooth, silky, and shiny. Using it should also help prolong the effect of other keratin-based anti-frizz products.

Whichever you choose, to combat frizz effectively, you should use a combination of at-home and professional treatments. Getting keratin hair straightening in a salon is definitely a great idea. However, you also need to care for your hair using specialized shampoo and conditioner, as well as additional hair care products, like masks and oils.

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Keratin treatment

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