Lessons from Love Island 2018: The good, the bad and the unrealistically gorgeous

Whenever people judge me for watching Love Island, which most do very openly, I tell them that they are missing out on a fascinating microcosm of modern day society and dating.

love island 2018

I honestly think what we see on Love Island – how men and women interact with each other as well as one another – represents how people interact in real life.

Georgia was annoying because she is young – young people have more energy and tend to be more sure of ‘who they are’ and ‘what they’re about’ (in her case, this was being “loyal”).

Once you get close to 30, like Laura, you know how to handle yourself a little better and, if you’re anything like me, you don’t even know why you walked into the kitchen most days let alone who you are.

Throughout this year’s series of Love Island a lot of thoughts struck me,  and as it comes to a close I want to share my examination of all the positives and negatives from Love Island 2018…

1.Women must be young, men must be older e.g. Paul and ‘Old Laura’

While Laura has been endlessly mocked across social media for her age, Paul was immediately cast as the sexy older man.

We have words like ‘silver fox’ and then we have words like ‘cougar’. We see it films that are littered with married characters being played by older men and younger women, only the other way around when part of the plot.

Love Island, as with other film and TV shows, and relationships in real life, men are allowed to being any age they want while women are presented as young and harangued with anti ageing.

2.Men don’t want ‘real’ and ‘low maintenance’ girls – even if they say they do

Google ‘what men want in a woman’ and you will discover article after article claiming men are interested in certain character traits, like low maintenance women and are most attracted to their smile. Yet one by one men went into the villa and declared Megan their favourite, the one girl who has most likely had surgery from head-to-toe.

Even the lovely (or is he?) Dr Alex banged on about liking natural looking girls yet went for Megan, then Grace over all-natural Charlie and rejected Alexandra twice.

3.Black women and other women of colour still aren’t considered desirable

Samira, like Montana last year, took ages to form a genuine couple and once she had, it was inexplicably edited out of the shows. Her mother thanked her Instagram followers for highlighting ‘What every girl of colour knows’.

Also, other races outside white and black are almost invisible.  Just like in other TV and films, it is hard to find girls who aren’t black or white. Where are the Japanese girls, Chinese girls, Indian girls, Latina or Iranian girls?

When will a group of people on screen represent multicultural Britain and when will white people be into it?

4.Women’s negative emotions are met with dismissal, not concern, by men

The stereotype of the ‘hysterical’ and ‘emotional’ woman reigns on in life and on TV. We saw it early on with Wes and Laura, Adam and Rosie, Alex and Alexandra and we even see it with our beloved Jack and Dnni – every time she has doubts and gets upset he gets annoyed.

When Laura began to worry Wes repeatedly told her she was wrong and even Laura said she felt ‘crazy’. Less than 48 hours later he told her he was going to crack on with Megan and seemed aggravated by her negative reaction.

When Alex rejected Alexandra and then picked her, as she was also rejected by Paul, he referred to her as “moody” and couldn’t understand why she was upset. He couldn’t fathom and couldn’t deal with her negative emotions.

5.You don’t need to sexualise yourself for fame

Finally a positive observation! Something that may be a shock to many, as women on TV and in the music industry seem increasingly sexualised, is how the PG romance between Jack and Dani won the hearts on the nation and already has them coming home to the biggest social media followings in the house (1 mil was the ballpark from last year, Jack is almost at 1.5 and Dani is almost at 2).

If you have noticed anything interesting, good or bad, in Love Island 2018 then share in the comments below xxx



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