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How to make time for yourself and beat burnout

Making time for yourself is really important, so it is little wonder that the concept of self-love is becoming increasingly popular as we all try to avoid the dreaded ‘burnout’.

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It is preached about all over social media, with Google searches for ‘self-love quotes’ or ‘self-love Instagram captions’ becoming increasingly popular — but are we practicing what we preach?

If you’re in the midst of burnout then trying a spa retreat could really help things, and while you’re at it leave your phone at home! I work hard and so regardless of my stress levels a day in the spa always works wonders for my mood and mental clarity. If you’re struggling with mental health issues, read this too.

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You can bring a book if you want but one thing I love about going into a spa empty handed is being left with just your thoughts. Work through them or try a little meditation and I promise you will leave feeling ten times lighter.

It is important not only to take time for yourself, but to take stock and think about how you can incorporate self-love into your daily routine.

Two really good ways of doing this is to start including a mini digital detox to your day and start doing more of what you love.

Spending the day in bed watching movies, with one eye on the laptop and the other on Instagram, may seem like a good way to relax but it really isn’t. Not only is all that screen time bad for your eyes and your skin, but you’re not doing your mind any favours.

Not only does your brain need rest outside of sleep (people who go through a digital detox report better sleep and improved memory) but your mind also needs stimulation.

You could try an hour or two a night – preferably before bed — to relax your mind and in turn get better sleep. You could try going to dinner without it or turning it on airplane mode unless you need to use it. All of this will give you more time to focus on the things that make you happy.


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Have you always thought about learning a language or starting yoga?  Once upon did you have a hobby that pops into your mind now and again, like painting, writing or playing a particular sport?

We often feel like we don’t have the time to do things, but if we get home at 7pm and go to sleep at 10pm, that is three hours of unused time. Go and do something you love instead of binging on Netflix!

If you’re heading towards burnout and can’t deal with the thought of putting more into your brain, bear with me… Research has shown that learning leads to happiness and satisfaction, which in turn will help you be better equipped for life’s stresses.

So whether you’re switching off or switching on, as long as you’re making time for yourself you will feel happier in your day-to-day life and be better equipped to deal with what is thrown your way.

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