Olaplex review: Is it worth the hype Kim Kardashian caused?

I have been eager to do an Olaplex review for a while now, because when Kim Kardashian tells the world that she loves a beauty product, and she isn’t being paid to do so, chances are it is a damn good product.

Olaplex review

Me (not really me)

This is how the famously innovative Olaplex first hit the headlines. At one of her make up masterclasses Kim gushed: “When your hair is really damaged, if you sleep in that, it really works. I notice a huge difference.”

It is a formula primarily used when lightening hair and so it became known for magically turning her brown hair into equally lustrous blonde locks (despite later saying it took several appointments).

My interest peaked immediately (I wasn’t there at the time, the classes cost hundreds of dollars and take place in the States), so when I was given the opportunity to do an Olaplex review treatment at HOB Salons, Camden, I jumped at the chance.

Olaplex review

I have notoriously weak and thin hair. In the past hairdressers have asked whether my hair is damaged from dodgy extensions before being hugely apologetic, but clearly puzzled, at the frayed lengths and damaged ends.

Before the treatment I hadn’t cut it in almost a year, a huge mistake with hair like mine at the long length it is – plaits dwindled into wisps, it was a state.

Now Olaplex promises to work on a molecular level to “seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage”. It is also claimed that you can use it to “restore compromised hair, or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance”.

Olaplex review

Actually me: Styled after the treatment at HOB Salons

Olaplex review

Also actually me: Dried naturally
















Believing my ends to be beyond repair, I chopped off the ghastly bits and fixed up the rest. In salons the first step is mixed into dye and then the second step comes after when the dye has been removed. I went for another balayage for a natural look (read about balayage here).

Whenever you have a good amount of hair cut off the ends always feel nice, but this is unparalleled. My hair feels strong, thick and glouriously soft.

It is technically a three-part process, but the third is home use and I intend to continue this with high hopes that when my hair reaches the same lengths it was, it will be in a very different condition than it was.

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olaplex review


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