Slow travel: How I overcame holiday anxiety in Santorini

Slow travel wasn’t even in my vocabulary before I went on holiday to Santorini and it certainly didn’t seem practical. 

You see, as a travel blogger and journalist I feel a lot of pressure when I am on holiday to see all the sights, take amazing photos and record every minute. Let me tell you how that all changed…

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My first interview as a blogger with LQ Liquid Health Supplements

When I first started taking LQ Liquid Health Supplements it was partly due to concerns over my lacklustre skin as I grew older.

It was also partly with the hope that my skin, hair and nails would remain nourished throughout my frequent travels where I do not always get the healthy nutrients I am used to (mostly due to incessantly ‘treating myself’ while in holiday mode).

They got in touch about an interview and asked me all about my career as a journalist, my endeavours as a blogger and my beauty 101…

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Why you need to drink more water in winter and how

Everybody knows it’s important to drink more water throughout the summer months, when we’re likely to sweat more and become dehydrated, but not many realise how important it is throughout the winter.

drink more water

When temperatures drop the air becomes dryer, so our bodies absorb less water through other means. As well as this, water intake is likely to drop throughout the season simply because many people think it is less important than in summer.

However, it is worth noting that feeling thirsty is a pretty late indicator of dehydration. Throughout the winter months you are far more likely to experience dry lips, dry skin, and even symptoms which may trick you into thinking you are unwell, like a dry cough or mild headache.

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How to choose the perfect swimwear for travelling

Most people end up spending at least some time at the beach when they travel. It is arguably the perfect place to go to relax, offering an antidote to the stresses and strains of modern life.


Photo by Hrvoje Grubisic

All you need to do is to choose the best swimwear for you…

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What to do and where to stay in London Bridge

Do you know what the craziest thing about living in London is? I never go into the city centre. When you have lived somewhere your whole life it is easy to think you’ve seen it all and you know it all.

london bridge

Photo by Sebastian Grochowicz

This weekend, however, I spent the day exploring London Bridge and it felt quite wonderful.

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