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Say goodbye to 2020: 5 party planning tips

Let’s face it: a lot of us will be quite happy to say goodbye to this year. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered many of our lives, causing hardship, tragedy and inconvenience. So, I can’t exactly blame you for wanting to see off 2020 — and welcome in 2021 — with a massive bash.

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Presuming, then, that you continue complying with whatever restrictions still apply wherever you are come 31st December, here are five tips for planning a memorable and enchanting New Year’s Eve party.  

Determine your budget

Even if you only have quite a modest New Year’s Eve party in mind, you’ll almost certainly still need to set a budget in advance. After all, it’s unlikely that you already have all of the supplies you’ll require, such as the relevant lighting, food and decorations.

As Protectivity Insurance explains, there are different ways to manage an events budget — you might simply have a total pot, for example, or instead keep an eye on how much you spend ‘per head’. It might be worth accounting for event insurance in your budget, too.

Carefully consider the lighting

Wherever you’re hosting your New Year’s Eve party — and for many of us, it seems very likely to be at home this year — the way you illuminate the space will make a big difference to the event’s ambience.

‘Warm’ lighting will help your guests to feel welcome and relaxed. So, it’s best not to depend on your usual harsh and cold ceiling lights if you don’t have a dimmer switch for them. Instead, consider indoor fairy lights or replacing existing bulbs with warmer-coloured low-wattage options.

Have suitable food ready

Organising the right food for a New Year’s Eve party isn’t the same as the usual weekly family food shop. Finger foods, for instance, make particular sense for a party because they allow guests to easily mingle and chat while having a nibble.

Some foods — such as grapes, beans, noodles and fish — are seen as traditionally lucky for a New Year. And if you’re feeling confident and want to especially impress your guests, take some inspiration from these BBC Good Food recipes.

Purchase your decorations wholesale

One reason I cited the importance of budgeting above, is because the cost of all of those seemingly random party essentials — confetti, noise makers, party hats, photo props and so on — can really add up. That’s why you might choose to buy them all from an online store that sells large volumes of party supplies at wholesale prices, such as GO International.

Another great tip for minimising the hassle associated with your New Year’s Eve party, is using disposable tableware that will save you from having to clean up afterwards. That way, you’ll simply be able to throw it all in the bin once the celebrations are over!

Ask the invitees for their music thoughts

You’ll probably know your likely guests well enough already to realise whether they’d prefer ‘80s funk and soul hits, ‘10s Dua Lipa and Beyonce bangers, or more time-honoured winter favourites such as Auld Lang Syne or Ella Fitzgerald’s “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve”.

Still, it might be a good idea to ask them on the invitation to mention three of their favourite songs when they RSVP. That way, you’re likelier to put on music that every attendee will appreciate.

By following the above tips, you can help to ensure your upcoming New Year’s Eve party allows you and every guest to welcome in 2021 in the celebratory manner it deserves — with minimum hassle.


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