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Spring fashion trends to look for in the Boxing Day sales

The best time of year to start buying the new fashion trends for spring/summer 2021 is now, in the Christmas and Boxing Day sales.

High street fashion brands mark down their winter clothing and shoppers (me included) often make the mistake of buying more winter clothing, despite only have two or three months before spring emerges and the trends change.

Of course staple items like boots, coats and jumpers will get plenty of wear before the seasons change, but outside of those investments pieces the best thing to do is start curating your spring/summer wardrobe with the 2021 fashion trends in mind (which you can layer up until the weather improves).

Here are some of the biggest spring/summer 2021 fashion trends to expect — get to know the styles now and then keep your eyes peeled for pieces that will last you the best part of a year.

1 Play dress up

With high hopes for the return of events, weddings and parties this summer, fashion houses around the world have geared up for you to be dressed up! When life returns to normal there will be no such thing as overdressed — look for big skirts, detailed designs, big embellishments, and statement sleeves.

2 The colour palette

Spring colours return year after year to match the season. Some fashion writers are putting neon brights (particularly pink) in the top spot, while others predict sorbet shades will take the lead (particularly mint and lilac). We’ll soon see what unfolds, so in the meantime either place your bets or just pick your preference.

One thing everyone seems to agree on is colourful prints. Whether it’s stripes, patchwork or floral fabrics, bright colours will be seen all mixed up and worn together as well as on their own. 

Outside of colours, black is one of the top colours for a slinky dress — to be worn according to trend number 8. And it will come as a surprise to no one that brown hues are set to stay, to be worn as detailed below (trend 5).

3 Monochrome layers

Whether it’s all black, all white or all brown (the winning colour of winter that isn’t going anywhere), monochrome looks will be well placed in spring/summer 2021 style.  Layering, another key trend, is best embodied by styling layers of the same colour or shades thereof.

4 Traditional twists

2020 was all about basics as the world committed to living comfortably and staying at home. In 2021, however, designers have been putting their own twists on basic styles and classic pieces. Trench coats will be massive (literally), shirts will have twists and ties, and prints and fabrics will clash together to make one item.

5 90s denim

This one has been simmering for a while, and for those of us who remember the 90s it might not be a welcome return.  Jeans should be blue and either big and baggy or low slung — whether g-strings will be on show is yet to be seen.

If you like your jeans with a little more shape, then go for flares — the second contender in spring denim.

6 Not-so-preppy polos

Another trend you should easily find among the sales, but not going anywhere, is polo styles. Sleeves should be long or to the elbow, dresses of any length are encouraged, and both should be fine knit. Items can be plain or you can make a statement with a wide check — just nothing too colourful, golf apparel is not what you should be going for.

7 Workwear

You might have thought, with the demise of offices and the rise of Zoom, workwear would die a death, but in fact it’s back. Go for over-sized, slouchy bottoms with cropped blazers or modern shapes on classic pieces. Now that we’re not being forced to wear it, we can play with it.

8 Show some skin (five in one)

There are five leading spring summer trends that will allow you to show some skin and be at the height of 2021 fashion: net dresses, holes in clothing, open backs, sheer fabrics and underwear as outerwear. Don’t be shy with this trend, be risqué. Holes should be carved into the side of your body of legs or all the way down the side of a dress while nets should sit atop a skimpy dress with plenty of skin left out.

9 Feather fun

Whether trimming your top, covering an entire skirt/dress or brimming at the edges of a two-piece (sleeves and trouser legs), feathers make for a popular embellishment in spring and summer. The best way to introduce this to your wardrobe right away is to buy a coat with feathers at the cuffs that will see you all the way to winter 2022!

10 Spring summer 2021 shoe trends

Knee high boots are already emerging, so should be an easy find among the sales. White is set to be the most popular choice as it pairs well with everything and will brighten up your looks for the spring.

Another trend carrying over from lockdown and wfh is to wear slippers — I’m not talking sliders; I really do mean slippers. If this isn’t for you then go for the number one shoe trend of spring/summer 2021: strappy sandals that hook between your toes. 


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