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Summer style essentials [ad]

Fast fashion has been forced to slow down due to the impact of Covid-19, but as the world opens up again fashion trends will begin to make their appearance. Here are my five favourite trends for the year…

summer style 2020
Photo by Michaela Efford

1. Statement jewellery

Outlines of faces took the jewellery sector by storm over the last year, and now you can buy some body too. The piece (pictured above), Vita, from British jewellery brand Daisy London, is currently sitting beautifully on my own jewellery stand, waiting to be worn in the outside world when lockdown lifts and life restarts.

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2. Show some skin

From sheer fabrics to crochet clothing, bras on show or corset details, summer fashion is all about skin. I find it a little ironic that after months of not wearing a bra it may be my outfit’s main feature but external bra details, or bravely showing your bra off, is bang on-trend. Match your bra with your bottoms, or make it a three-piece with bottoms, blazer and bra all coordinated, for the most sophisticated way to leave the house with your underwear on show.

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summer style

If that’s a bit too much for your, opt for sheer fabrics or ones covered in holes — I mean crochet and Broderie anglaise, not punk style rips. Fitted, feminine dress will hit the spot for these fabrics, but if you’re going sheer then the top trending style is to put on a dress and then put a sheer dress on top of that. Yes, that’s right, an unusual layering trend in the height of summer that will see us all wearing two dresses. At least we’ll look good, even if we’re sweating buckets.

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3. BDE – Big Dress Energy

Talking of dresses… Maxis are back, and they’re either giving fitting your curves or floating around on top of them and nothing beats the long hemline of a plus size maxi dress for the chicest of summer looks. You can easily incorporate a few more of this summer’s fashion styles in your BDE — look for extra detailing around the waist to hit two trendy birds with one stone; like cut out sections, silhouettes shaped by drawstrings, or ruching. Big, thigh-high slits are also very on trend and always very, very sexy. long hemline of a plus size maxi dress

4. Slouchy suits

Wave goodbye to high waist tailoring and say hello to low-slung trousers with oversized blazers. Take inspiration from men’s suits in the 90s — if it looks like you stole it from your dad’s wardrobe, then you’re looking good girl! Bermuda shorts should be equally slouchy and pair perfectly with a blazer or even a waistcoat, this is not a trend I’m on board with just yet (perhaps because I’m convinced, I can’t pull it off).

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5. Wrapped ankles

We’ve seen trouser hems cut open to reveal shoes over the last 18 months, but now we’re wrapping up our ankles. Drawstring features is a trend of its own right, but baggy trouser legs all tied up is the easiest way to update your wardrobe overnight. If the straps are coming from the shoe and up, over the trousers then even better — this is the trend in its superior form.

Not going anywhere…

With the whole world slowing down for most of the year, fashion has had a slight breather and a lot of last year’s trends haven’t gone anywhere. So, you can wear these trends again: Neon colours, exposed ankles, long shorts, big sleeves and feathers. Read about them in detail here.


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