Discover things to do in Madrid – my three-day travel diary

Travel tips for a long weekend in Madrid, Spain: how to travel, where to stay, things to do and see, and the best places to eat and drink…

things to do in Madrid

Day one

We landed in Madrid at 10am and made our way into the city for a three-day adventure. Madrid was the first place I ever went on holiday with friends, aged just 17 and talking our way into clubs.

I had thought going with the other half (P) might be very different, but after a daytime siesta the natives work late, eat late and drink even later into the night and as they say, when in Rome…

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5 things I learned from being vegan for a month

I have just completed 31 days of veganism and, even to my surprise, I intend to continue eating vegan for the foreseeable future.


You see, I discovered that the positives hugely outweighed the negatives…

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Is this the best brunch in the UK?

There wasn’t a lot of other people there, but more fool them because I think the Rose Leaf is the best brunch in Edinburgh.

best brunch in Edinburgh

As a trained journalist it is not often that I struggle not to spew a list of superlatives onto a page, but I don’t know how else to describe the absolutely, insanely, amazingly good food and drink I had at the Rose Leaf bar and café in Edinburgh.

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