Why you need to drink more water in winter and how

Everybody knows it’s important to drink more water throughout the summer months, when we’re likely to sweat more and become dehydrated, but not many realise how important it is throughout the winter.

drink more water

When temperatures drop the air becomes dryer, so our bodies absorb less water through other means. As well as this, water intake is likely to drop throughout the season simply because many people think it is less important than in summer.

However, it is worth noting that feeling thirsty is a pretty late indicator of dehydration. Throughout the winter months you are far more likely to experience dry lips, dry skin, and even symptoms which may trick you into thinking you are unwell, like a dry cough or mild headache.

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Five benefits of a high fibre diet

High fibre diets are good for you in many ways, but do you know what they are?


Find out five reasons why high fibre diets are good for your body, skin and energy levels…

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Personal goals: Will changes to your day change your life?

change your life

Big changes are hard to tackle, so I wondered wheather fixing your routine and making small changes to your day can, in turn change your life.

I couldn’t tell you how many times a day I think to myself ‘I’d love to be able to do this or that’, like give up my beloved cups of coffee, but I never really stop and think about the changes I would like to make. Until now.

Here is my pledge, my early New Year Resolutions, my personal goals – call it what you like! Below is how I have begun to change my day.

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10 unexpected health benefits of miso soup

health benefits miso soup

There are many health benefits of miso soup but do we know all of them?

Something else many people may not realise is just how versatile a jar of miso paste can be. This simple ingredient can instantly transform a multitude of everyday dishes – try adding a spoonful to your next spaghetti bolognaise or add an extra kick to your salad dressing.

Not forgetting how it can be enjoyed in it’s most classic of forms, a quick and easy, tasty miso soup.  A complex flavour, this fermented food is quite simply a kitchen cupboard essential.  But did you know that miso also has a wealth of health benefits?

Nutritionist Cassandra Barnes has listed just some of the many health benefits of miso soup…

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5 things I learned from being vegan for a month

I have just completed 31 days of veganism and, even to my surprise, I intend to continue eating vegan for the foreseeable future.


You see, I discovered that the positives hugely outweighed the negatives…

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