Discover things to do in Madrid – my three-day travel diary

Travel tips for a long weekend in Madrid, Spain: how to travel, where to stay, things to do and see, and the best places to eat and drink…

things to do in Madrid

Day one

We landed in Madrid at 10am and made our way into the city for a three-day adventure. Madrid was the first place I ever went on holiday with friends, aged just 17 and talking our way into clubs.

I had thought going with the other half (P) might be very different, but after a daytime siesta the natives work late, eat late and drink even later into the night and as they say, when in Rome…

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Personal goals: Will changes to your day change your life?

change your life

Big changes are hard to tackle, so I wondered wheather fixing your routine and making small changes to your day can, in turn change your life.

I couldn’t tell you how many times a day I think to myself ‘I’d love to be able to do this or that’, like give up my beloved cups of coffee, but I never really stop and think about the changes I would like to make. Until now.

Here is my pledge, my early New Year Resolutions, my personal goals – call it what you like! Below is how I have begun to change my day.

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Blogging with a full time job – how to do it well

When I left uni and began working full-time, I wish I had known these blogging top tips to help balance my time. I’ve been blogging with a full time job for almost three years and yet until the beginning of this year I did not give it, or my social media, the time it deserves.

blogging top tips

In those years I have trained to be a journalist, interned for six months and then spent the last two years in full-time employment as a feature writer, as well as freelancing in journalism and copywriting.

I hope you can understand how, with such a busy workload, blogging with a full time job means I have struggled to get my blog and social media following off the ground.

(NOTE that I said understand why I have struggled, not why I have failed.)

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