The most Instagrammed food destinations around the world

An incredible one in seven UK travellers has chosen a holiday destination based solely on the sights of the food on Instagram, according to new research from Heathrow in their Taste the World report. So wouldn’t it be handy to know the top ten most Instagrammed food destinations around the world before you went away? You wouldn’t want to miss out.

Instagrammed food

One in five will choose which restaurants to dine in based on what that restaurant’s food looks like on Instagram. As a working travel writer, food reviewer and social media obsessive on the side, I’m not at all shocked by this.

What I was a little surprises at, was the fact that 28 per cent of Brits not only said that they post pictures of their holidays meals, but that they actually they enjoy their holiday more by doing so. If this sounds like you, then check out my post on ten top tips for taking a great #foodie photo for Instagram.

So, where are the top ten most Instagrammed food destinations?

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10 food photography tips from the experts

#food, #foodie, #foodstagram, #nomnomnom… half a billion pictures of food photography have been uploaded to Instagram with these popular hashtags, demonstrating that food is still hugely popular on social media – as if we didn’t know that already. So to keep you at the top of this modern game, you might need some food photography hacks.

food photography hacks

Food photography is even shaping tourism with one in seven people choosing where to go on holiday according to food they have seen on Instagram You can see the top ten most  Instagrammed food destinations around the world here.

To help you improve your insta-skills, the famed foodie sisters Hemsley + Hemsley have shared their top food photography hacks with me…

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