Discover things to do in Madrid – my three-day travel diary

Travel tips for a long weekend in Madrid, Spain: how to travel, where to stay, things to do and see, and the best places to eat and drink…

things to do in Madrid

Day one

We landed in Madrid at 10am and made our way into the city for a three-day adventure. Madrid was the first place I ever went on holiday with friends, aged just 17 and talking our way into clubs.

I had thought going with the other half (P) might be very different, but after a daytime siesta the natives work late, eat late and drink even later into the night and as they say, when in Rome…

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5 reasons why travelling solo is the most rewarding option

The idea of travelling solo strikes fear into the hearts and minds of many. This is understandable, especially if you haven’t travelled much before, but it’s important to remember there are plenty of positives to going it alone.

travelling solo

Freedom, flexibility, and the chance to conquer whatever’s been holding you back are just some of the benefits — take the plunge and you’ll soon discover how independent and resourceful you can really be. The first time I did it was in Montreal, and you can find out why I think it is the perfect place for travelling solo here.

But for now, here are five reasons why travelling solo is so rewarding…

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Check out the most colourful beaches around the world

Following from International Colour Day, on March 21, I thought I would take a look at some of the world’s best beaches according to the most colourful.

From the red beaches in Malta, to the black sands of La Palma, the pink shores of the Bahamas and the glittery seas of the Maldives, these crazy colourful beaches are sure to brighten up any Instagram feed and make it onto any bucket list as the world’s best beaches…

best beach in Malta

Malta – Photo by Nick Bugeja,

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Five ways to avoid scams and thieves on holiday

Tourist areas around the world (and at home) are hot spots for thieves and when you’re unfamiliar with your surroundings it is easier to fall for a holiday travel scam.

holiday scam

Long Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos Islands. Photo by Deanna Ritchie

Wherever you are, for however long, here are my top five tips to prevent yourself being fooled…

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Is Montreal the perfect place to holiday alone?

I have dreamed of jetting off for some solo travel for almost two years but have always been a little afraid to bite the bullet. There are so many things to do in Montreal (in the province of Quebec) that it made the perfect choice.

holiday alone

After moving into a studio flat in May and realising how much I like to be alone – please think of me as a lone wolf rather than a hermit – I knew I was ready for a long weekend away and once I got a taste of solo travel, I wanted more.

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