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Three transitional outfits to buy now for SS19 [gifts]

Transitional fashion was at the forefront of my mind at the end of 2018. You see, I am currently three weeks into six months travelling. I left on December 28 for Japan, with temperatures around zero, and then began moving around Asia to countries that are much, much hotter. 

Japan in zero degrees…

This, obviously, presented me with a dilemma: What do I take that can transition from winter weather to summer, so I can save space in my backpack?

These three outfits bought from JD Williams (did you know there sizes go all the way down to an 8?) are proving to be absolutely perfect transitional fashion pieces…

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This piece fits so well but can still be be worn with layers underneath, like leggings and a high neck top. Now that I am in the Philippines I wear it alone. The fabric is soft and isn’t too hot, and I am happy for the coverage across my legs in the evenings when the bugs come out!

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As you can see, these culottes are pretty massive. There is a lot of fabric there so they can easily conceal leggings and pair perfectly with ankle boots to keep the frost off your feet. Add a thin jumper (tucked in) and a belt and you’ve got yourself a winter warmer.

This photo was taken in the Philippines in one million degree heat, even the crop top felt like too much clothing! But the swish of the fabric was perfect for keeping cool.



I saved the best for last, because this was is my favourite. In Japan I wore it with leggings and a vest top, but if I had the space to pack them I definitely would have worn knee or thigh high boots.

Now I’m in a hot country it is perfect because it isn’t a heavy fabric so it keeps me covered from the sun but still cool.

Animal print isn’t going anywhere, it will be just as big in summer 2019 but plain (brown and black) prints won’t be so on trend. Colourful fabric like this, or other animal prints, will be leading the way.

*The clothing in this post was gifted 

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