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Transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn

It may seem a little premature to be writing about summer to autumn transitional fashion trends but considering that less two weeks ago it was as little as 10° and as I write this the temperature is climbing to 35° (#climatechangeisreal), it is evident a transitional wardrobe is already needed.

transition your wardrobe
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It can be hard to shop with autumn in mind in the midst of summer, many brands will still be releasing new summer items with the knowledge that holidays and weddings will continue into October so you can easily get distracted.

Below I detail three ways to transition your wardrobe and three things to buy now ready for the season ahead. For those looking for a quick fix, Topshop launched on very.co.uk* last week and the selection there has definitely been chosen with the upcoming season in mind, so this is a great place to start without any summery distraction.

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Three ways to transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn

transition your wardrobe


A quick and easy way to transition your clothes from warm to cold weather is to layer what you’ve got. Easy ways to layer:

  • Start with t shirts under summer dresses and then you can move to long sleeve polo necks and tights when it gets even colder. This works perfectly with satin slip dresses, which have been huge this summer – you can also wear shirts under them and incorporate them into your work wardrobe.
  • Drop waists are in fashion at the moment, which means you can chuck a big and baggy jumper over long dresses and skirts. You don’t need to worry about carrying it or having a. bag big enough to stuff it into if you heat up, just tie it diagonally across your body (over one shoulder) and it will look like you planned your outfit that way.
  • Blazers are staying firmly put, which is great for layering as they can easily be taken off and popped onto the shoulders if you get too warm. Popular paired with tailored shorts over the summer, this can easily continue with a pair of thick tights or with a midi skirt.

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transition your wardrobe


Autumn fashion often sees the return of thicker, more textured fabrics such as corduroy and velvet. This autumn denim is going to be a big trend, and I don’t just mean jeans, so this is a really good fabric to start adding to your wardrobe in different ways as it also works well in the summer. I would buy an oversized denim jacket first and foremost. As well as animal print staying strong we will also see the return of corduroy suits so if you bought one last autumn, I hope you still have it.

In terms of colours, brown is returning again so if you still have some pieces from last year then lucky you. If you don’t then think about it for outerwear in particular, a trench coat or jacket is a good place to start for transitional styling. On the flip side, if you like bright clothing you’ll be happy to know that pastel yellow and all shades of purple will be big trending colours so lots of summery items will stand the test of time through to autumn and winter.

transition your wardrobe


First and foremost is a pair of boots. With the growing interest in vegan everything, Dr. Martens are becoming increasingly popular so these kind of chunky combat boots will definitely be a big footwear theme in autumn. Buy them now and start wearing them in.

Calf cutting boots will be the most ‘on trend’ lengths for autumn and winter, thankfully both pair well with dresses and skirts of varied length and fit with the ‘prairie’ trend we’re seeing come through at the moment, and will become increasingly versatile as the months grow colder.

The second trend that I am already seeing (and I am already obsessed with) is asymmetric (i.e. one shoulder) tops and dresses. Start wearing them now and you’ll get plenty of wear out of it as the year progresses, I promise.

transition your wardrobe

Natural fabrics will be a big part of autumn/winter fashion, I already mentioned that denim is going to be big but so will beige and cream coloured items – I’m talking trousers, jackets, jumpsuits and more.

One more thing… make up. If you’re going for those neutral colours I just mentioned, then keep your skin natural too. If you are rocking some colour then go all out with colourful, graphic design eyes. Topshop’s collection on very.co.uk* has a great mixture of both in their beauty offering so definitely check that out.

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