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Five ways to stay healthy while travelling

While there’s nothing better than eating your body weight in local food and drinking the all-inclusive cocktails at a resort, maintaining travel health is important. Otherwise we can often come back from a holiday feeling worse than when we left – or like we need another holiday to recover.

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If you want to make the most out of your travels, then it’s important to strike the balance of having an amazing time while also keeping healthy. You don’t have to be teetotal and live on lettuce, but there are some great ways to stay healthy and enjoy yourself at the same time. Here are five top tips to do just that!

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1. Enjoy a big breakfast

They say it’s one of the most important meals of the day – and this is especially the case when you’re travelling. You’ll want to fuel yourself for all of the adventures ahead, so getting in a hearty breakfast is essential. If you skip breakfast, you could end up feeling lethargic or even overeating later in the day. Look for breakfast options packed with fibre and slow-releasing or complex carbs. This will give you the energy needed to enjoy whatever the day throws at you!

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2. Get moving

Now, no one is telling you that you have to do an hour HIIT session every morning on holiday, but it is important to keep yourself moving. It’s fine to read your book by the pool for most of the day, but get in those turquoise waters and have a swim every now and then.

Go for walks around the city, get up early and hike a hill to see the sunrise, take part in a hilarious aqua aerobics class at the hotel pool – basically, just keep that blood pumping. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

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3. Pick your drinks wisely

Most people enjoy a little drink (or seven) on holiday, but it’s important to pace yourself if you don’t want to go home with the hangover from hell. Cocktails are packed full of sugary juice and spirits, that are bound to make you feel worse in the morning. Darker spirits will also bring on hangovers that will knock you out for a day. Opt for light or clear coloured spirits, such as gin, if you want to actually enjoy your days and not spend them in bed recovering.

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4. Don’t overbook yourself

One mistake that many people make when they’re on their travels is trying to cram so much stuff into one trip. You want to see all of the sights, take part in all of the activities, and try all 20 of the best-rated restaurants on TripAdvisor.

However, you’ll find yourself absolutely exhausted when you get home and not feeling rested at all. Try to schedule in some time to do nothing, so that you actually get some of that vital R & R. Leaving space in your schedule may lead to impromptu adventures too – and they’re the best kind of adventure.

5. Get all your jabs

This is so, so important! Make sure you research what kind of vaccinations you’ll need before you set off somewhere. If you have a pre-existing health condition, then make sure you find out if you need any extra jabs, or if any of them will cause complications.. This is also the same if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Find out if there are any vaccines that are considered a ‘must’ before you visit a country, as you will need proof that you’ve had this before you get on the plane. There may also be some jabs which aren’t required but advised, and you’ll want to talk to your GP about whether it’s worth getting them before you head off.

Staying healthy on your travels will ensure you come home feeling so much better than when you left! Plus, it doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to the odd Parisian bakery treat or G&T. Can you think of any other tips for those wanting to stay healthy on holiday? Let me know in the comments!



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