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Winter essentials: Three things you need to survive the holidays [ad]

Christmas is fun and everything, but the winter holidays can be hard and spending time with family can sometimes lead to fallouts. Cold and wet weather makes us all want to stay inside, our skin can get bad and our immune system drops.

To help you tackle any stress, skin issues and the never-ending bad weather I’ve recommended a few things worth investing in to make the winter holidays a little easier.  

1. The de-stresser

Aromatherapy, which promises psychological or physical well-being, is a brilliant way to relax and de-stress. Christmas is the most important time of year to be with family, but this might mean things can get stressful. If you find you’re the one getting stressed, take time out with aromatherapy and you’ll be better placed to handle the holidays. If there is someone in your family who finds it stressful then why not get them one of these aromatherapy gift sets. They won’t even realise you’re hinting…

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2. The skin protection

As I have already written about, winter can be terrible for your skin. Both the cold outdoors and indoor heating can strip skin of its moisture. Make sure you’re covered with skincare for face, body and lips — Clarins is a great brand I highly recommend. If you’re not already using a serum then adding this to your morning routine will make a huge difference. People often misunderstand serums, because the consistency is so thin it might not feel like they are doing much when in fact they’re able to penetrate deeper than moisturiser.

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3. The weather protector

Global warming is real. We’ve already seen so much rain and flooding in the UK and winter has only just begun. Needless to say, you need a god coat (that trendy fluffy thing will only make you look like a drowned rat in the next downpour). Invest in a waterproof jacket that won’t make you look like you’re wearing your childhood mac-in-a-pac. I recently got this one from Lighthouse Clothing and I’ve never been drier (in the rain)!


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