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A solution to my struggle with cold sores? [ad]

If you follow me on Instagram (or know me irl) you’ll know I suffer terribly with cold sores. I have spent almost 15 years trying to find the best cold sore treatment to deal with it, and haven’t had much luck (until now).

cold sore treatment

Around two thirds of us have HSV-1, which appears as cold sores, but I’ve never met anyone who gets them as bad as me. I celebrated my 21st birthday with a cold sore covering my entire top lip, all the way up to my nose.

Earlier this year I went two months having back-to-back cold sores which meant not kissing my boyfriend. In the end I stopped drinking alcohol and stuck to a very “clean”, green diet to detox my body. When I started a new job in August, I spent the first few months terrified of getting one (I always feel embarrassed by them, but with new people it really sparks my social insecurities).

This is the first winter in five years I haven’t had one. It feels like a miracle, but it is likely due to a new cold sore treatment I have discovered: HERPOtherm®. It is a handy little device, similar in shape to a fully opened lipstick that uses heat technology with a temperature of around 51°C to combat the development of a cold sore in just three seconds without damaging skin. I like that it is chemical free. If you use it early enough you can stop a cold sore developing, otherwise it will still reduce length and severity.

Twice in the Christmas period I felt the dreaded tingle and reached for HERPOtherm® only for nothing to appear.


cold sore treatment

Unless you stay inside all day or are brave enough to parade around with white gunk on your lip all day, cold sore creams are expensive and ineffective. I find they make no difference to the healing time. Having something on hand, that is reusable is a godsend.

As far as I’m concerned HERPOtherm® is the real deal, so I highly recommend it. You can buy it from Amazon and Boots and it will save you money in the long-term.

My only word of advice is don’t share it with anyone. For both hygiene and preventing virus transmission the product is intended for use by one person only.

This post was paid for, but it is a genuine review.

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